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Robbie + Julia

April 6, 2024 - Sand Creek Country Club, Chesterton, IN

I’m in awe of couples that have a strong faith relationship.  It seems their joy and love just completely overflows every aspect of their lives and Robbie and Julia are no strangers to faith and love.  It was a beautiful day, but Sunday is where I’d prefer to start. 

Sunday morning came and still a little tired and sore my husband and I made our way to church.  After greeting our Priest, he mentioned the wedding yesterday and how the couple was here, “You never see that!”, He exclaimed.  The closing hymn was, “Alleluia, love is alive”, and I thought well that just sums up the whole wedding!

I arrived the morning of the wedding to Julia’s childhood home.  Light poured into every corner of the house and laughter surrounded me as I captured the well-planned details. 

After her final touches of hair and makeup, Julia took a moment to herself to read a letter from her soon to be husband before she put on her white tulle gown with lace bodice.

Across town the boys gathered at Lower Lincoln where I heard "I want it that way" blaring from outside the door.  Inside, Robbie was joined by his brothers and friends.  His dad helped him into his jacket and straightened his tie.  Gifts and letters were exchanged and read before we made our way to the ceremony.

The stained-glass windows at St. Paul’s provided a stunning backdrop, and the groom's reaction did not disappoint as these two exchanged rings, vows, and smiles.

After a few family photos the bridal party hopped into a party bus provided by Epic Limo and toasted the newlyweds as they made their way to Sand Creek Country Club

The sun was setting as we captured a few portraits before the bridal party was announced.  They entered the bright ballroom surrounded with windows overlooking the golf course. touches of sage and sunflowers dotted the space as guests rose to their feet to celebrate the newlyweds.

After cutting into a 3 tier cake Robbie and Julia covered every square inch of the dance floor as they sang and spun to "Will you go with me", which is also the song Robbie sings to Julia at karaoke "every time!" as the bridesmaids informed me.

That first dance set the tone for the party as Precision Sound kept a packed dancefloor till the very end. The couple enjoyed a final dance in an empty room decompressing in each others arms as guests gathered for a sparkler exit.

Julia smiled as Robbie whisked her up and into his truck and they were off, Alleluia, Love is alive indeed.

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