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Navin + Chloe

May 25, 2024 - Aberdeen Manor, Valparaiso, Indiana

I’ve known this couple for a few years now.  In fact, I first met Chloe when I took her senior portraits, followed by cap and gown, then family sessions.  When her dad reached out and said (2 years in advance) are you available on May 25, 2024…It was an easy yes from me.  This family is so loving and joyful and I have been looking forward to this moment to celebrate with them.  

The day finally came and despite the cool and wet spring it was a breezy warm and dry day.  We started at Chloe’s matron of honors grandmother’s home where all the thoughtful details were captured.  I especially loved the magnetic save the date mirror magnet. 

From there we met Navin at Valparaiso University, a spot I picked because I just love the building!  Their first look was a moment of joy and surprise as Navin tried to guess what Chloe’s dress would look like. 

We stopped quickly downtown Valparaiso for a few more portraits of the couple before we met the bridal party at Aberdeen Manor.  It was here that we did a first look with Chloe’s dad.  This family is filled with joy, positive energy and as Marty would say, Time well spent.  Tears filled his eyes as he saw his darling daughter dressed so beautifully and ready to say I do.    

Guests filled into the garden space newspaper program in hand and as piano accompanied the bridal party’s entrance.  Chloe, arm in arm with her dad, meandered the garden walk where she joined hands, exchanged vows, laughed and smiled with Navin.

Guests enjoyed the garden area for refreshments before the couple made their grand entrance under the tunneled arms of their bridesmaids and groomsmen.

It seemed every detail was thought of with family in mind. From Chloe's grandmothers cake topper to the remembrance of their late grandfathers and one of my favorite moments....the Anniversary dance. Left on the dance floor were 3 siblings and their spouses. Chloe and Navin joined for a photo with her aunts and uncles before a sparkler send off.

It was a beautiful day with family and friends and was indeed time well spent.

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