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Fernando + Angelica

October 13, 2023 - Our Lady of Nazareth, Dining Solutions by Wicker Park, Highland IN

It was a chilly and overcast morning as we began our day at the Homewood Suites in Munster. Hair and makeup were well underway by the time I arrived to begin shooting details.

The girls chatted and relaxed in their matching silk pj’s while watching each other in the hair and makeup stations. The bride was lit perfectly by soft window light as we captured her sweet moments with her mother and daughter.

Watching Angelica help her daughter, Natalia, get ready on her own wedding day gave me pause as I wondered if they would look back to these images when Natalia gets married.

The rain held off long enough to capture the bride and her girls outside the Hotel, but we had to move quickly. Fall colors on the trees in the parking lot were the perfect backdrop.

The bridesmaids wore rust-colored dresses and Angelica’s bouquet had touches of orange beech leaves, golden butterfly ranunculus, rose hips, and big champagne roses. The shape complimented the delicate tulle dress with lace overlay bits.

The ceremony that took place at Our Lady of Nazareth was heartfelt and faithful. The homily had guests chuckling as the couple faced their friends and family, joined to God and each other in Holy Matrimony. Rain kept our post ceremony portraits indoors and we made way for the reception.

As we arrived at the venue the rain broke allowing bridal party and couple portraits to be taken before the sun escaped our view into the tree line at Wicker Park. The reception room was warming to enter with brick walls and beamed ceilings. The chandeliers were a unique glass shaped and clustered together at different heights. The floral wall and neon sign were backdrop to the couple’s sweetheart table that overlooked the dancefloor.

As the couple was announced and went to cut the cake they played “Happy Birthday” celebrating their 1-year-old son. They cute and shared cake as I remembered he was the reason for the 1-year wedding postponement. Happily, the family of four ate cake and celebrated.

When I asked if they had any special dances, I was told no…. This was my first Hispanic wedding so I should have known those dances are just custom! The bride and groom stood on chairs extending the brides veil as the ladies raced across the hall holding hands and running under the veil. They guys then followed suit, and in true male form took it to extreme running in the foyer and through the kitchen! The dance floor was packed with all ages as I packed up but not before the last custom of tossing the groom. On the first toss he brought down the lights and draped fabric, on the second his foot nearly took out a light fixture, and the third filled the room with laughter. It was a wonderful evening celebrating a wonderful couple and family!

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