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Daniel + Katie

December 3, 2022 - Journeyman Distillery, Three Oaks, Michigan

What a love story....I first met Katie's family when I was hired to take her younger twin sibling's senior portraits last summer. When Katie reached out for engagement photos in August I was thrilled. This is a beautiful family and I just couldn't wait to meet them both! We had a gorgeous beach session filled with laughter, champagne, a lost earring (lol), and a lot of love!

After our session I just knew their wedding day would be magical and it was!

A chilly but beautifully sunny day began at an Airbnb in Union Pier Michigan. Katie has impeccable taste and every detail was thoughtfully arranged and captured in a beachside home with bright, clean, and cozy spaces.

The couple, family, and friends were all there preparing for the big day. The bride was upstairs with her girls getting hair and makeup done while the boys were downstairs YouTubing how to tie a bow tie....Don't worry the girls finally came down to help, but that was after their Shania Twain dance break!

Mom was there as Katie stepped into her tool gown with slightly blush underlay and custom sleeves. The two shared a quiet moment by the most beautiful window light. Katie did not want to see Daniel before the ceremony so we did first looks with Dad and then her bridesmaids. Tears upon tears, joy, upon joy, and unimaginable faith and love filled each room. It didn't stop there.

The bus picked up the bridal party and ventured on to Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, Michigan. The same place Katie and Dan had planned a date night exactly 1 year prior. Guests arrived and were seated while the boys stood nearby in anticipation. Katie and her girls waited upstairs and prayed. Prayers of gratefulness, appreciation, and love echoed the empty reception room until it was time.

Now, I tend to have a moment at every wedding where I tear up, not here. I full on cried! The moment these two saw each other they both broke down, as did everyone else. I can only imagine the emotions; love, anticipation, joy, appreciation, and maybe a bit of relief that they finally get to say "I Do". The vows recited matched their faithfulness, putting God first in their marriage.

After a few photos and a couple new friends were made outside; it was time to party!

Thrifted champagne glasses at each place setting gave guests their seating assignment in the open space and the bar featured signature drinks fitting the day. My favorite part may have been the crème brulee cracking in lieu of a cake cutting. Heartfelt stories and well wishes were offered by the best man, maid or honor, and father of the bride as the couple laughed, cried, and toasted their relationship in front of a neon sign of their newly shared name.

Dances came and went as guests gathered the dance floor. Then the party started, and for a small group in a close space....they partied! The dance floor was packed with all ages showing off their moves to classic and current hits. As the night grew to a close, I packed up my gear said my goodbyes. I am forever grateful for this beautiful couple and their family. I am also grateful for Central Standard Time, as I unloaded my gear at the same time it was packed up.

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